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Ensemble SAPIACE

Who we are.


The Ensemble’s History

After a concert in Luxembourg, where the musicians had performed in the two duos - cello and piano and saxophone and piano - the prominent Luxembourg composer Albena Petrovic, impressed by the performance, approached them to ask if they could imagine performing a piece as a trio that she would write for them. This gave rise to the idea of performing as a trio, which marked the beginning of the SAPIACE ensemble in 2021, whose name is derived from the initial syllables of the instruments: SAxofon, PIAno & CEllo. Subsequently, other composers such as Rainer Bischof and Michael Gredler were inspired by the unusual instrumentation and dedicated their works to the ensemble. Their repertoire now ranges from baroque to contemporary music and jazz.

SAPIACE has attracted the attention of various organizers who have approached them with invitations to perform, including the Austrian Cultural Forums in New York City, Washington D.C., New Delhi and Mexico, which have broadcast three online concerts by the ensemble in 2021/2022. The musicians have already given several successful performances at the festivals “Varna Summer”, “Sofia Music Weeks” and “Artis” in Bulgaria, “Bridges” in Luxembourg and “Gaulitana” in Malta. They have also performed at the “Blaa kirkjan” concert series in Iceland, the “Mexico Center for Music and Sonic Art” in Mexico, the “Foro Cultural Salvadoreño Alemán” in San Salvador, the “Centro Nacional de la Música” in San José and the “Salon der Bank Austria”. Her concert recording from the “Sofia Music Weeks” festival in 2023 was nominated for broadcast by the “European Broadcasting Union”, in which 73 radio stations participate. 

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...The ensemble SAPIACE impresses with its unique sound balance and subtle dynamic nuances, but also with its rousing energy and virtuosity. The musicians interpret works from different eras with a deep understanding of the musical style and authentically embody the ideas of the composer. Their stage charisma captivates the audience...

(Kultura Magazine)



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